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Smoke Detector - Air Products and Controls Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Smoke Detector: Air Products and Controls Inc.

Air Products and Controls Inc.
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The HS-100 duct smoke detector mounts in air shafts, plenum spaces and other low air-velocity areas. It installs in surface- or pendant-mount configurations suitable for a variety of low- or no-air-velocity conditions. An all-in-one design eliminates the need to purchase and assemble a separate base or test unit. It requires low current draw for a universal fit with existing equipment.

It features in-place wiring capability, extended high temperature ratings, and connection features. Up to 30 units can be directly interconnected to each other and/or to MS- and MSR-series remote accessories. It also can be integrated with conventional external mount detectors to form a complete detection system. In the event of smoke detection, entire HVAC systems can be triggered to shut down, preventing the spread of fire and smoke through an air-handling system’s fans and blowers.

An on-board LED display indicates alarm and standby functions. Installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance are simplified with a built-in magnet test facility and labeled, front-accessible wiring terminals.


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posted: 12/29/2006