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Sensor Faucet - Sloan - Facility Management Product Release

Sensor Faucet: Sloan

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The Optima faucet line features more than 300 enhanced models. The improved Optima faucet line maintains the spout designs and adds wireless capability. The Sloan ConnectApp, available for free for both iOS and Android, enables building owners and facility managers to collect data and adjust settings without having to disassemble the sink or spend time working on the restroom floor.

Sloan Optima faucets now come with standard mounting hardware. All connections are quick-connect and eliminate under-sink clutter, while the faucet control includes an integrated water shut-off, a twist-off solenoid, a quick-change battery pack and a sensor range adjustment button for those who don’t want to use the smartphone app. The same faucet can be powered by four AA batteries, a wall adapter plug, or an optional hybrid energy turbine.

Water-saving features, including LEED compliant 0.35 gpm sprayheads and adjustable timeouts.


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posted: 9/4/2018