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Secure Network Server - Honeywell Building Solutions - Facility Management Product Release

Honeywell Building Solutions
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Honeywell’s EXCEL 5000 OpenViewNet provides remote, Web-based monitoring and control of new or existing EXCEL 5000 HVAC systems.

The graphical interface provides a high-level system overview and also allows visualization of a specific piece of equipment to gather information on its operation and make adjustments.

Users can view and modify equipment runtime schedules online. They can create custom displays with a built-in graphics editor and library. Alarms and e-mail alerts can be set up to automatically notify operators of abnormal conditions. OpenViewNet also creates exportable trend charts.

OpenViewNet can be set up as a stand-alone system or integrated into Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator, a management platform that ties core building functions together for simplified monitoring and control.


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posted: 10/1/2007