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Safety Device Helps Users Through Performing CPR - CPR RsQ - Facility Management Product Release

Safety Device Helps Users Through Performing CPR: CPR RsQ


As a facility manager, safety is a critical aspect of your business. In the case of an emergency, proper planning becomes paramount in determining the outcome of a life-threatening event. One tool aims to keep employees safe by helping them to perform CPR should a co-worker suffer sudden cardiac arrest.

CPR RsQ Assist® makes performing “hands-only” CPR accessible to everyone. This device helps individuals perform high-quality CPR, which can double or even triple sudden cardiac arrest survival.

“CPR RsQ Assist® is a tool that could drastically increase the rate of cardiac arrest survival in the United States,” says Dr. Robert Tober, medical director for Collier County, Florida, EMS, and of CPR RsQ Assist Inc. “It is an essential workplace safety device, just like a fire extinguisher or smoke detector.”

Each year, there are more than 383,000 reported cases of sudden cardiac arrest outside of the hospital, with a survival rate of less than 8 percent. Many of these deaths occur because bystanders do not perform the chest compressions at the necessary rate, nor to the correct depth. This causes an improper circulation of blood to the brain, which will quickly lead to death.

Often bystanders are unsure of how to preserve life until paramedics arrive. In fact, studies show retention of knowledge about CPR techniques can significantly decrease as soon as six weeks post-training, with an entire degradation of knowledge as early as six months after.

“CPR RsQ Assist® simplifies the process of performing CPR,” Tober says. “With this product, your employees will be equipped with the power to save a life. All they need to do is turn on the device and let it guide them through the rest.”


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posted: 9/14/2015