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SBS-modified Bitumen Laminated Coverboard - Soprema - Facility Management Product Release

SBS-modified Bitumen Laminated Coverboard: Soprema

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SOPRASMART Board 180 ISO combines high performance SBS-modified bitumen membrane and cover board into one installation layer with two inches of SOPRA-ISO polyisocyanurate insulation. These layers are factory laminated together, resulting in application consistency and complete adhesion.

By combining the roof membrane, cover board and insulation into one layer, installers can gain valuable time on the jobsite, in turn reducing labor cost and increasing overall job efficiency.

SOPREMA’s DUO-SELVEDGE technology provides a waterproof attachment with 60 percent of the side lap self-adhered, leaving only 40 percent to be heat welded. DUO-SELVEDGE protects the system components beneath the base ply during heat welding, with proven waterproof protection of heat welded seams.

SOPRASMART products are available in a variety of cover board options including SOPRABOARD, high-density polyisocyanurate foam board, gypsum panels, and high-density mineral wool options. SOPRASMART can be mechanically fastened or adhered using the DUOTACK 365 adhesive.


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posted: 5/9/2018