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Roofing System - Duro-Last - Facility Management Product Release

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The company’s edge-system products include 2-piece compression metal, gravel stop covers, and fascia bar covers. All edge-system products are made of 24-gauge Galvalume Plus steel, and are available with prefabricated inside and outside corners.

The company’s roof drainage systems include box gutters, downspouts, scuppers, and collector boxes. Four box gutter styles are available, and gutter straps come completely installed, no drilling or riveting is necessary. Four styles of open-face and closed downspouts are available, with 40 or 80 degree tapered elbows. Scuppers are assembled with 24-guage vinyl coated metal and 40-mil Duro-Last membrane skirts. Collector boxes are made of 24-guage Kynar painted steel, and are assembled with an attached scupper.


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posted: 10/23/2006