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Roofing System Delivers Strength, Durability - Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Roofing System Delivers Strength, Durability: Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc.

Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc.
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New Mule-Hide® PVC KEE HP roofing systems deliver the strength, durability and energy efficiency expected of PVC systems, along with improved thermal performance, chemical resistance, cold-temperature flexibility, weldability and aesthetics.

The membranes and accessories are manufactured with DuPont™ Elvaloy® ketone ethylene ester (KEE) HP polymer, a solid, high-performance, high-molecular-weight resin modifier. The polymer requires less plasticizing material to make the membrane permanently flexible and reduces plasticizer migration from the membrane, resulting in more contractor-friendly installations and helping preserve the membrane’s physical attributes for long-term performance.

The window of weldability is 51 percent greater than that offered by membranes made with the standard KEE polymer, resulting in quick, clean, consistent welds. And less smoke is created during seam welding than when working with standard PVC membranes, helping keep contractors and building occupants more comfortable.

The KEE HP plasticizer keeps the membrane flexible at temperatures as frigid as minus 51 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit with standard KEE sheets, for easier installation and improved long-term performance.

Mule-Hide PVC KEE HP membranes and accessories are 67 percent more resistant to chemicals than traditional PVC sheets, making them ideally suited for such applications as restaurants, laboratories and factories.

The KEE HP polymer makes the membrane and accessories more resistant to dirt pick-up than standard KEE sheets, keeping the roof clean and looking great longer.

Enhanced resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, ozone and oxidation reduces environment-related degradation, extending the life of the roof.

Membranes are available in 50 mil, 60 mil and 80 mil thicknesses. Each thickness is available in 5-foot- and 10-foot-wide rolls that can be used in mechanically fastened or fully adhered installations. Membranes are currently available in white. Later this year, Cool Tan and Cool Gray will be added to the offering, as will PVC KEE HP Fleece Back membrane in white.

All flashing accessories for PVC roofing systems – including PVC-skirted edge metal products – are KEE HP-based and can be used in conjunction with all Mule-Hide PVC membranes.


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posted: 5/19/2015