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Roofing Membrane - Sika Sarnafil Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Sika Sarnafil Inc.
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Sika Sarnafil’s G476 waterproofing membrane is now available in a six-and-a-half foot wide self-adhered format. The membrane is a 120-mil thick composite sheet composed of a 60-mil vinyl waterproofing membrane and an integral 60-mil non-permeable closed cell foam backing layer coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The flexible foam backing layer conforms around minor irregularities in the substrate and provides a cushion for the waterproofing membrane.

The pressure-sensitive adhesive provides a tenacious bond between the membrane composite and substrate to mitigate potential water migration under the sheet. The system’s self-adhering component is designed to increase installation efficiency, according to the company.


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posted: 7/10/2007