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Roofing - Carlisle SynTec - Facility Management Product Release

Carlisle SynTec
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The company’s smaller 5-foot-wide-by-40-foot-long FleeceBACK EPDM membranes weigh less than 100 pounds, making rooftop delivery easier, according to the company. The product is ideal for tall buildings located in crowded inner-city neighborhoods where rooftop access is limited and the use of large cranes to load the material is impractical or impossible.

The product uses hot melt adhesive technology and is available in 100- and 115-mil thicknesses. The product uses factory-applied tape at its seams, eliminating the need to use cold-applied, slow-drying adhesives.

The product comes with pressure-sensitive and pre-fabricated accessories.


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posted: 1/29/2007