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Roof Repair Tapes - Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Roof Repair Tapes: Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc.

Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc.
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Designed to repair modified-bitumen roofing systems, Seal-Fast tape and fabric tape are manufactured with MicroSealant technology. They contain no solvents or volatile organic compounds, install in one-step, and are chemical resistant. To apply the product, users clean and prepare the area, cut the tape to size, position it on the surface, peel release the liner, and roll the tape with steel hand roller. When using fabric tape, roof technicians must apply asphalt or acrylic coatings or roofing mastic over tape. The tapes are also can help repair transport vehicles, chimney flashings, gutters, and fiberglass structures.


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posted: 1/8/2007