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Retrofit Product Achieves Significant HVAC Energy Reduction - CoolGreenPower LLC - Facility Management Product Release

Retrofit Product Achieves Significant HVAC Energy Reduction: CoolGreenPower LLC

CoolGreenPower LLC
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COOLNOMIX is a retrofit energy efficiency device that uses optimized refrigerant supply (ORS) software to optimize a cooling system’s energy use and increase temperature accuracy.

Most air conditioning and refrigeration systems cool through the use of an internal compressor that condenses vapor into a liquid. At a certain point during operation, the vapor is in liquid form. Since you can’t compress the liquid further, the compressor begins to run inefficiently but it keeps running because the system hasn’t reached the desired temperature yet. The COOLNOMIX ORS technology shuts off the compressor once it has done enough work to reach the desired temperature with the liquid it has already condensed. This keeps the temperature more precisely at the desired set point and as a result, meets all of your cooling needs without wasting energy or sacrificing comfort.

COOLNOMIX uses two temperatures sensors, one on the cold supply and one on the space airside. Working together, they provide a feedback loop that enables the system to reduce the deadband to about 1 degree. That provides more accurate temperature control and saves energy. It improves the monitoring of zone or space temperature to predict cycles and eliminate calls for cooling that waste energy. It does not bypass existing controls.

COOLNOMIX also prevents ice build-up on the evaporator coil. Refrigeration devices are subject to a build-up of ice on the evaporator coil. As a result, most commercial systems have periodic defrost cycles to prevent damage to the coil. Frozen evaporator coils are dangerous and can lead to product malfunction, increased maintenance fees, and shortened product lifespan; but defrosting comes at a serious energy cost when the system has to get back down to temperature.

COOLNOMIX and its ORS software can predict and prevent ice build-up on the evaporator coil while always keeping temperature accuracy as the first priority.

According to the CoolGreenPower, COOLNOMIX reduces energy usage on average by 30 percent for air conditioning and refrigeration. It installs in under an hour in alignment with the thermostat and requires no change to existing infrastructure. COOLNOMIX has more than 10,000 installs outside the United States. It has just recently been UL-certified and has just recently become available in the United States. It will be piloted at multiple military bases by the Department of Defense.


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posted: 8/10/2015