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Radiant Barrier - Northwestern Ohio Foam Products - Facility Management Product Release

Northwestern Ohio Foam Products
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MicroLT is a high-performance reflective foil radiant barrier and vapor retarder that is designed to reflect radiant energy and retard moisture migration in a building. The core of the product is made of flexible 2 ply 1/8” thick polypropylene foam, with pure aluminum foil film laminated to both sides. The aluminum foil flms provide the high reflectance radiant barrier properties, the vapor retarding performance specifications, and the superior physical attributes of this new product. MicroLT, reduces the radiant heat gain of the sun under metal roofs when used in conjunction with a minimum 3/4-inch airspace. Installed in this manner, MicroLT can reflect up to 97 percent of the radiant energy.

MicroLT is tear-proof, moisture-proof, and bug-proof and uses non-toxic materials that can be installed without the use of protective clothing. MicroLT can be used for retrofit or new construction in a variety of applications.


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posted: 3/23/2007