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Pump - Honda Power Equipment - Facility Management Product Release

Pump: Honda Power Equipment

Honda Power Equipment
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The WX10K1A dewatering pump, which features a mini four-stroke engine, is designed for applications including irrigation, flood control, light construction and swimming pool draining. Performance improvements include: a 50 percent improvement in priming time to 80 seconds at 16.4 feet; a 18 percent improvement in total head lift to 118 feet; a 15 percent improvement in suction head lift to 26 feet; a maximum output pressure increases from 43 psi to 51 psi; and a weight decrease from 15 lbs to 13.4 pounds.

It features a lightweight aluminum centrifugal self-priming pump with an aluminum impeller and volute, and a carbon/ceramic mechanical seal. Additional features include: a standard garden hose adapter; a standard suction hose and strainer; a standard transport handle; a 37 gallon per minute capacity; operation with regular gasoline – no mixing of gas and oil required.


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posted: 5/30/2007