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Protective Film Protects TPO Roofing Membrane During Installation - Carlyle SynTec Systems - Facility Management Product Release

Protective Film Protects TPO Roofing Membrane During Installation: Carlyle SynTec Systems

Carlyle SynTec Systems

Carlisle SynTec Systems introduced a revolutionary advancement in TPO roofing membrane system installation. Sure-Weld TPO with APEEL Protective Film guards the surface of Carlisle’s industry-leading TPO membrane from scuffs and dirt accumulation during installation, eliminating the need to clean the roof upon project completion.

Both durable and easy to remove, APEEL Protective Film helps to save time and labor, improves aesthetics and long-term reflectivity, and increases customer satisfaction. The patented Sure-Weld TPO membrane with APEEL Protective Film is ideal for re-roofing, re-cover and new construction projects.

APEEL Protective Film provides a strong and easy-to-remove solution for protecting the TPO membrane throughout installation and is designed to withstand the most intense heat and UV exposure for up to 90 days without deteriorating.

The cool gray color of APEEL Protective Film reduces the glare that can make white TPO challenging to install on a sunny day. APEEL’s gray color also enables any accumulated moisture to dry more quickly.


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posted: 12/1/2015