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Electric Tankless Water Heater Helps Control Hot Water Use - trutankless - Facility Management Product Release

Electric Tankless Water Heater Helps Control Hot Water Use: trutankless


The trutankless electric tankless water heater is designed to be a game-changer in the operation and work flow of a variety of commercial enterprises that count on hot water— from restaurants and coffee shops, to medical offices, salons and day spas, and even light manufacturing facilities. This powerfully compact workhorse not only delivers endless hot water, but it also saves considerable space, runs at nearly 100 percent energy efficiency, and is built to last 20 years or more, far surpassing its tank predecessors.

The commercial line features a proprietary software app that enables business owners or facilities managers to remotely view real-time data from every trutankless installation on either a customizable dashboard or via API to an existing point-of-sale system. Users can monitor and adjust individual unit temperature settings, which can run up to 170 degrees, view up to three years of water usage data, and deploy service professionals if needed — all from a web-enabled mobile device. Up to 32 units can be linked together in a variety of configurations to suit nearly any commercial or industrial application, without the need to purchase additional controls or monitoring equipment.

“Our enterprise management software is designed to provide businesses with round-the-clock remote access to every trutankless unit and allow owners to instantly verify compliance with local health codes, something no other water heater on the market can do,” says Derrick Mains, COO of trutankless, a division of Bollente Companies. “When you combine that with the unit’s ability to shut itself down in the event of a leak, proactively notify the business of a service disruption, order parts and even schedule a service call, you get an appliance that actually acts as a business partner. It’s truly hassle-free.”

Measuring in at a svelte 17.2 inches high, 23.8 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep, trutankless offers significant space savings compared to its bulky tank heater counterparts. Also, because it requires no venting, the unit can be installed virtually anywhere – allowing business owners to more efficiently utilize their most limited resource: cubic feet.

“The space savings alone is like money in the bank,” says SUBWAY franchise owner Bill Riggall, who had a commercial unit installed in his high-volume West Virginia restaurant. “We were able to add much-needed storage space where our old 80-gallon tank used to stand. However, what’s just as valuable is the peace of mind I now have, knowing my trutankless unit will never cause a flood. In fact, it’ll tell me ahead of time if a part needs to be fixed or replaced. That’s something I never expected from a water heater.”

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posted: 11/10/2015