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Apps Complement Operational Analytics Platform for Internet of Things - BASSG Ltd. - Facility Management Product Release

Apps Complement Operational Analytics Platform for Internet of Things: BASSG Ltd.


BASSG has introduced a suite of applications for users of SkySpark analytics software from SkyFoundry that make the whole complement a more robust platform for deploying operational analytics and the Internet of Things in commercial buildings.

SkySpark is a fully programmable analytics application that is designed to make it easy for facilities staff to turn their knowledge of their own facilities into rules that guide the analytics. BASSG is a member of the SkySpark ecosystem of value-added developers that are there to help SkySpark customers implement analytic programs that fit their unique characteristics and requirements. Its software and services are used alongside SkySpark in a wide range of applications including energy management, systems optimization, monitoring-based commissioning and fault detection. The BASSG suite includes Air Hippo for data aggregation, Project Builder Plus for tagging, Visualytik for drag-and-drop programming of SkySpark visualizations, EnergyDVR for creating dashboards that present SkySpark and Tridium data, and Sparko, a computerized maintenance management system for automatically ticketing and monitoring follow-up action on issues discovered through SkySpark analytics.

Alper Uzmezler, BASSG Managing Partner, says, “SkySpark automatically analyzes data from equipment systems and smart devices to identify issues and opportunities for improved performance and reduced operating costs. To better understand the various needs that arise when using an analytics engine like SkySpark consider that there are at least four major data challenges to face: collecting, or aggregating, the data; preparing the data for analysis; presenting the data in visualizations; and triggering both manual and automated action based on the results of data analytics.

BASSG has solutions for each of these phases. When you add these applications to the SkySpark core, you get a very robust whole product platform for building operational analytics and the Building Internet of Things. In the SkySpark ecosystem you also have access to other apps available from other value-add developer partners. Members of the ecosystem work to make sure our products share data and interoperate so that SkySpark users can customize an analytics-to-action cycle that is right for their facility and that works like a seamless, low-friction machine.”

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posted: 11/13/2015