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Facilities Management System Created for Enterprise Asset Management Users - Infor - Facility Management Product Release

Facilities Management System Created for Enterprise Asset Management Users: Infor

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Infor’s CloudSuite Facilities Management was created for enterprise asset management (EAM) customers seeking preconfigured, cloud-based, facilities management. This announcement builds upon Infor's collaboration with Amazon Web Services and provides customers using EAM facilities functions with a reliable cloud-hosting platform. This latest offering ensures effective management for the growth of enterprise assets, allowing users to easily address the increasingly important role that energy demand management and environmental stewardship play in the success of the organization.

Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management is tailor-made for any organizations that seek to control critical functions such as work orders, purchasing, inventory, and preventive maintenance, without the investment and extended implementation time required for a larger-scale installation. Users can fully integrate the solution with additional enterprise applications-an advantage typically reserved for EAM applications designed for large, multinational corporations.

“The market for software solutions to improve the operation and utilization of facilities has high growth relative to other enterprise applications,” says Ralph Rio, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group. “A cloud solution with no hardware installation plus functions like pre-defined roles and business processes makes it easy to get started — as with Infor CloudSuite Facilities.”

Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management provides a reliable security model that is uncomplicated and able to reduce installation time. System users can access key features and functions from the web-based Infor EAM for Facilities solution through a browser, working with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management combines beautiful software with rich industry functionality that is deployed with a flexible, subscription-based delivery model designed to significantly reduce upfront IT expenditure. With the industry-specific, prepackaged educational webinars and continuing education curricula offered on a subscription basis, organizations can be up and running quickly to get a clear, real-time view of the health of facilities.

Key functions offered through Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management include:

• Purpose-Built applications: By drawing from Infor's vast domain and field expertise, companies are able to confidently and successfully run business applications faster than ever before. With the application already configured for the critical roles in the business, the business flows are readily defined, and the security levels are fully operational at the time of implementation. Customers can then focus time on analyzing and running the business without the need for costly modifications or customizations.

• Simplified Reporting & Key Performance Indicators (KPI): Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management allows users to locate critical data with ease. By selecting from a variety of predefined reports including assets, materials, purchasing, scheduling, and workforce management, users can leverage the query studio to create custom reports to meet specific business needs. By monitoring these critical KPIs, right from the solution's home page, such as proactive versus reactive work orders, users are able to leverage vital information without having to configure software or run specified reports.

• Modern Accessibility: With the cloud-based solution, users can access information stored in the application over any Internet/intranet connection or through native apps on common mobile devices. Everyone from the CEO to the facilities manager, to the field technician or tenant, Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management has a way to stay connected to each facet of operations so that the business is running at optimal efficiently.

The suite also utilizes Infor ION, a purpose-built middleware and Infor Ming.le, the social collaboration engine, which supports internal and external communications between key stakeholders. Infor customers will also benefit from a reduced total cost of ownership. Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management does not require customers to purchase onsite servers or hardware, which eliminates the need for additional IT support. Because cloud delivery via AWS is managed through a monthly subscription, Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management reduces upfront investment, serving as an operating instead of a capital expense. Customers will also experience a faster time to value than a traditional on-premise launch.

“Whether a state-managed utilities agency or a food and beverage manufacturer, the cloud provides a viable option to help organizations further minimize asset-related costs by creating a holistic picture of energy use and pinpointing areas for performance improvements across all assets,” says Kevin Price, product and strategy director, EAM and Infor CloudSuite Facilities, Infor. “Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management applications are designed to help increase efficiency, ensure compliance and minimize environmental impact. By selecting Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management, organizations also benefit from pre-configuration, a flexible pricing structure and industry-specific capabilities that help to minimize downtime and keep assets running at peak performance.”

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posted: 11/5/2015