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Facilities Management Software Connects Applications - Lighthouse - Facility Management Product Release

Facilities Management Software Connects Applications: Lighthouse

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Lighthouse.io is a powerful IoT software platform for facilities management applications. It harnesses the full power of the “internet of things” to mitigate liability, increase employee engagement and improve operating efficiency in commercial facilities.

Here’s how it works: Beacons - small, wireless devices that emit a tiny radio signals using Bluetooth Smart technology are installed around a facility. Smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices listen for these signals and record data and/or trigger content. When employees or assets move around a facility, the system recognizes them, tracks their movements and delivers important information such as tasks, safety instructions and authentication details. It is a flexible and low cost solution to a range of building functions. For example:

1. Cleaning and maintenance management: mitigate slip and fall litigation claims through real-time tracking of when facilities and zones were cleaned, automated exception reporting and proactive alerts to mitigate compliance issues.

2. Operating efficiency: Improve efficiency with automated time capture, task lists delivered in real-time and electronic verification.

3. Asset tracking & utilization: quickly locate high-value equipment in large hospitals, campuses and multi-story buildings; report on equipment usage and automatically deliver safety and handling instructions.

4. Security management: reduce incident response time through real-time tracking of security personnel and improve reporting accuracy through real-time data capture.

Lighthouse.io combines a cloud based management console, with low energy Bluetooth beacons and smart device apps to: track employee movement in real-time, schedule and push tasks/content/alarms and monitor service levels. The modular platform allows companies to select and customize features for their needs. Key features include:

• Live employee tracking - know which zones your staff are in at all times

• Content management - compose and schedule content, including work tasks, product information, safety warnings, etc. based on time and location

• Zone and employee management - easily manage work zones and assign active employees

• Compliance management and safety - understand if service levels have been missed in real-time and raise exception alerts when requirements are not met

• ‘Back-in-time’ employee and exception reporting - view historic records to see where employees or assets were at any point in time, as well as when exceptions occurred

• Heat mapping - access heat maps that show historical customer or employee movements across locations and zones. View live maps to see who or what is on-site at any given point in time

• Time tracking & integration - track when staff start and end shifts, overtime hours and break times

• Site analytics and workforce optimization - review and optimize site traffic, workforce productivity and equipment utilization using key metrics such as entries, time in facility and compliance KPI’s

• Sensor integration – beacon-agnostic platform allows for selection of sensor-enabled beacons for additional contextual information, including temperature and motion (usage)

• App integration & development - the Lighthouse SDK for iOS and Android allows you to transform existing mobile apps into a powerful workforce engagement platform. If you don’t have an app, Lighthouse has a team of mobile experts ready to help define and build your iOS or Android app.

For more insights on the products, technology, benefits and challenges of the Building Internet of Things, visit www.FacilitiesNet.com/IoT


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posted: 10/14/2015