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Pressure Gauge - American Sensor Technologies Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Pressure Gauge: American Sensor Technologies Inc.

American Sensor Technologies Inc.
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The AccuGauge AG200 media-isolated, digital pressure gauge can be used in a variety of applications including process controls, HVAC, test stands and data loggers. It offers a 4–20mA output signal and LCD display. Using Krystal Bond technology, it can display each of the following measuring units with the push of a button: psi, bar, kg/cm, ATM, inches H20 and Hg. It also offers the option to view the 4-20mA output signa. With the “test” button, users can evaluate the loop current to ensure the system is set up correctly, as well as adjust the current in two milliamp increments. Users can reset or adjust the factory-set calibration points and output and restore the factory settings.

It operates in temperatures that range from 14-158 degrees and users can store it safely in temperatures -40 to 150 degrees. It’s loop current update rate is 32 times per second along with a display update rate of 3 times per second. It is supplied with 7.5 to 32VDC power and offers reverse polarity protection. A “low-loop icon” displays if the minimum power requirements are not met.


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posted: 6/4/2007