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Power Post - H.H. Robertson Floor Systems - Facility Management Product Release

Power Post: H.H. Robertson Floor Systems

H.H. Robertson Floor Systems
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The Power/Data Post (PDP) is installed over new or existing outlets, bringing power and data cables into the corner of each workstation. The PDP feeds wiring from poke-thru outlets, floor boxes, preset outlet boxes, core drilled aftersets and access floor openings.

The Power/Data Post can distribute power and tele/data from any type of floor outlet that fits beneath its mounting plate. A single PDP can activate up to four workstations and allow wiring changes to one, without service interruptions to the other three.

It is available in 3 or 4-panel posts and 3 standard heights with holes punched for two power receptacles and 1 tele/data outlet. Partition panels are connected to the PDP using a painted steel channel that is pop riveted to the post, or by clips supplied by the panel manufacturer.

posted: 4/29/2008