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Polyiso Insulation - Firestone Building Products - Facility Management Product Release

Polyiso Insulation: Firestone Building Products

Firestone Building Products
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The Firestone polyiso offering includes ISO 95+TM GL Insulation, RESIST Insulation, and ISOGARD HD Cover Board. Polyiso insulation performs well in cold temperatures. Its new formulation offers the same high-performing insulating capabilities with even more added benefits. At temperatures as low as 40 F, the R-value remains at 5.6R/inch. At low temperatures, competing polyiso boards may require additional thickness to achieve the same R-value of Firestone’s polyiso. It also won’t soften or melt when exposed to extreme weather conditions. It’s easy to install and requires less embodied energy to manufacture, providing an environmentally friendly option.


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posted: 11/6/2017