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Pad/Tampon Dispenser - Hospeco - Facility Management Product Release

Pad/Tampon Dispenser: Hospeco

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The Evogen EV2 Pad/Tampon Dispenser is an extension of the Evogen EV1 feminine hygiene product dispensers.The EV2 was specifically designed to accommodate smaller women’s restrooms and/or gender-neutral restrooms. The wall-mounted dispensers are compact, measuring 10.75 by 17.5 by 6.5 inches.

The EV2 is designed to be only free vend. The free-vend feature incorporates a delay mechanism between vends designed to discourage patrons from taking more than one product.

Evogen dispensers make stocking and dispensing more convenient. The dispensers’ modern, streamlined styling is attractive and easy to use. To load, staff just opens the door and slides in products — easy dual loading of both tampons and pads promotes consistent stocking. ADA-compliant push-button dispensing makes Evogen dispensers accessible to all.

HOSPECO offers a complete feminine hygiene solution for the public restroom — from product dispensing to safe and hygienic disposal. In part because of this commitment, in 2015, HOSPECO became a sponsor in a pilot program with the New York City Department of Education that implemented the first dispenser of free feminine hygiene products at a public high school.


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posted: 6/5/2017