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Network Graphic Annunciator - Gamewell-FCI - Facility Management Product Release

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A network graphic annunciator (NGA) from Gamewell-FCI provides immediate emergency response information on a touch-screen display. Capable of displaying more than 500 different text messages, the NGA saves response time by providing information on the source of alarms, along with applicable emergency contacts, hazardous material storage areas and more.

Up to 512 text messages, 75 characters in length, can be preprogrammed into the system using eight different fonts and colors. These text messages can be preprogrammed to display information during various alarm incidents.

For example, if a system monitoring an area containing hazardous materials detects an alarm condition, the NGA can display one or more text messages connected to that event type in bold, red font stating who to call, the area’s exact contents and/or appropriate evacuation procedures.


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posted: 6/5/2008