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Models Added to 1.0 GPF High-Efficiency Toilet Line - Toto USA - Facility Management Product Release

Models Added to 1.0 GPF High-Efficiency Toilet Line: Toto USA

Toto USA
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Toto unveiled the new WaterSense-labelled, one- and two-piece Promenade II 1G and round-front Drake II 1G ultra high-efficiency 1.0 gpf toilets (UHETs). With Tornado flushing technology, these three new UHETs deliver unequaled flushing performance using only one gallon of water.

The three new 1G models join Toto’s rapidly expanding line of ultra high-efficiency toilets, which includes the Carlyle II 1G, Vespin II 1G, elongated Drake II 1G and UltraMax II 1G. Designed to complement traditional, transitional or contemporary bath décors with their long-view global design aesthetic, clean lines and geometric precision, the Promenade II 1G and Drake II 1G will grace any interior design for years to come.

They are easily installed, having a 12-inch rough-in. The Tornado flushing system features two powerful water jets, positioned on each side of the bowl’s interior. These forceful water jets generate significant centrifugal action, creating a whirlpool effect inside the rimless bowl. With this unmatched flushing technology, all types of waste are flushed away effectively using a mere one gallon of water. In addition to removing waste, this powerful flush scours every inch of the bowl and concave rim, cleaning them thoroughly with every flush.

With the gravity-fed Promenade II 1G and Drake II 1G ultra high-efficiency toilets, consumers will get a powerful 1.0 gpf flush without having to buy a toilet that uses complex pressure-assist technology—thereby avoiding the considerable noise of a pressure-assist toilet's flushing system, as well as its highly pressurized internal tanks.

The new Promenade II 1G and Drake II 1G's rimless bowl is coated with CeFIONtect, Toto’s nano-technology glaze that seals the porcelain with an ionized barrier. This creates a super-slippery, non-porous surface that repels visible and invisible waste. When protected by CeFIONtect, the water that cleanses the bowl and rim during the flush also removes waste, stains, residue, and limescale buildup. Owners will need fewer harsh detergents when cleaning the bowl, which are expensive and harmful to the planet. Seventeen and one-quarter inches from the base to the top of the seat, the Promenade II 1G and Drake II 1G are examples of Toto’s total design philosophy. This inclusive-height design is the most comfortable for people when sitting or rising, making it an attractive option that exceeds ADA and Universal Design requirements.


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posted: 10/11/2016