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Micro Data Center - STULZ - Facility Management Product Release

Micro Data Center: STULZ

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STULZ Micro DC, a liquid cooled micro data center for High Performance Computing (HPC) application, combines CoolIT System’s Direct Contact Liquid Cooling technology (Rack DCLC) with STULZ’ mission critical air cooling products to create a single enclosed solution for managing high-density compute requirements.

The liquid cooled STULZ Micro DC manages 100 percent of the IT load into liquid and is room neutral. With the Micro DC, users can scale from traditional IT workloads to more than 80kW of IT into each system (depending on configuration). The stand-alone solution incorporates all the key components in a specified enclosure, including the rack, liquid cooling, cable management, UPS, power monitoring, and fire protection systems. CoolIT Systems Rack DCLC technology captures 60 to 80 percent of the entire server heat load, while the remaining 20 to 40 percent is air cooled by an integral STULZ precision cooling unit contained inside the Micro DC. Configurations can also be purpose-built to include various options for heat rejection and reuse.

This is the first integrated product offering under CoolIT and STULZ’ Chip-to-Atmosphere partnership. The STULZ Micro DC is available in three self-enclosed cabinet designs, each with 48U of standard rack space. Air and liquid cooling modules can be configured depending on the IT load and need for redundant operation. Usable rack space will be dependent on the options selected. Additionally, businesses big or small can scale data center capacity up or down to meet fluctuating demands.

CoolIT’s DCLC technology uses the exceptional thermal conductivity of liquid to provide concentrated cooling to the hottest components inside a server, enabling very high density configurations even with today’s top performing processors. CoolIT’s liquid cooling solutions can be tailored to any server layout and have already been adopted by many server manufacturers as a reliable technology and is covered under standard warranties.


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posted: 10/25/2017