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Low-VOC Bonding Adhesive Bonds Membranes, Substrates - Carlisle SynTec Systems - Facility Management Product Release

Low-VOC Bonding Adhesive Bonds Membranes, Substrates: Carlisle SynTec Systems

Carlisle SynTec Systems
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Carlisle SynTec Systems introduced its EPDM x-23 Low-VOC Bonding Adhesive, a contact adhesive that provides a bond between EPDM membranes and a wide variety of substrates. This product offers contractors several performance advantages that improve productivity, lower labor costs and enhance installation quality.

Carlisle’s EPDM x-23 Low-VOC Bonding Adhesive is formulated to flash off quickly, which increases contractor productivity and reduces the potential for trapped solvents. In addition, its extended open time allows installers to keep sheets open longer, increasing installation flexibility and permitting more solvents to escape prior to setting the sheets. EPDM x-23 Low-VOC Bonding Adhesive also provides excellent wall adhesion strength and is resistant to gelling in cold temperatures.

“EPDM x-23 Low-VOC Bonding Adhesive is an excellent choice for contractors who are looking to increase both productivity and installation quality,” says Ron Goodman, Carlisle’s EPDM Marketing Manager. “The feedback from users has been extremely positive, particularly regarding the product’s ease of application, flash-off time and high-strength bond,” Goodman continued.

EPDM x-23 Low-VOC Bonding Adhesive is easily applied with a roller and provides aggressive initial and long-term bond strength. This low-VOC product meets the less than 250 gpl VOC content requirements of the OTC Model Rule for Single-Ply Roofing Adhesives.


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posted: 8/5/2016