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Louvers - The Airolite Co. LLC - Facility Management Product Release

Louvers: The Airolite Co. LLC

The Airolite Co. LLC
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The company’s line of extruded aluminum sightproof louvers now includes Louver Type K601D/CB601D featuring an inverted V-blade that is 100 percent sightproof when viewed from any orientation. The V-blade provides a strong barrier to intruding objects such as sticks or wires. Eight models of sightproof louvers are available with non-drainable, drainable head and drainable blade types in horizontal and vertical arrangements and range in frame depths from 2-to-5 inches.

Louvers are available in 24 standard color Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000 resin coatings, 18 pearlescent metallic flouropolymer colors, custom fluoropolymer colors, and clear and color anodized coatings to ensure maintenance-free durability and compatibility with other facade elements.


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posted: 3/29/2007