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Lighting System Software - Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Lighting System Software: Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.

Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
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Quantum manages the lighting use and energy consumption of an entire building or campus. The lighting components and Sivoia shade components are controlled from a dedicated PC, which stores all the relevant data about the system, such as light levels, power consumption, and sensor status. Quantum determines power usage and operating hours, checks that lamps and other components are working, and makes changes to multiple light fixtures, shades, and controls. It also provides email alerts when pre-defined events occur involving things like lamp running–hour limits, power overload or space occupancy.

Software includes IntelliDemand, which provides load shedding capabilities and Green Glance, an energy environment display package that prominently displays a building's energy savings and environmental impact.

Quantum’s chief hardware component is a lighting hub that uses an Ethernet connection to connect the lighting controls and the shades to the network.


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posted: 10/22/2007