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Light-Powered Faucet - Bradley Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Light-Powered Faucet: Bradley Corp.

Bradley Corp.
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The patent-pending ndite technology converts restroom lighting to energy, which activates the flow of water to its Express SS and MG lavatory systems.

The technology uses photovoltaic cells integrated into the top of the Express lavatory system to convert light into electricity. The cells capture natural or normal room-level light when it is available and store the energy for later use in a battery-free system. The technology eliminates the need for electrical hook-ups.

The self-sustaining system provides a steady stream of power to the sensors and valves controlling activation. Even in environments where the lights may be off for up to five days, the system will maintain its charge.

Restrooms with 400 lx of lighting will provide a sufficient amount of light to power the system. Additional illumination is required for heavier traffic areas.


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posted: 12/22/2006