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Insulated Roof Panel Provides Buildings with Added Protection - Green Span Profiles - Facility Management Product Release

Insulated Roof Panel Provides Buildings with Added Protection: Green Span Profiles

Green Span Profiles

Green Span Profiles has added an insulated roof panel to its product line. RidgeLine is a patented (U.S. 9,206,606 B2) 2-3/8-inch tall mechanically seamed roofing panel covering 42 inches, with thickness options of 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 inches.

The core is a continuously poured-in-place, polyisocyanurate insulating foam. Exterior and interior metal panels are available in 26-, 24- and 22-gauge Galvalume/G90 galvanized and stainless steel. Exterior finish is standard gloss PVDF coating. RidgeLine panels can be used on slopes as low as 1/2:12 and are available in standard lengths measuring 12 to 53 feet, with custom lengths available on demand. Unique attributes of RidgeLine:

● Single component installation
● Slides together; no rolling or lifting to engage the sidelap
● Continuous weathertight seal at the sidelap means no interruptions at the clips
● Factory-applied sealant in the batten cap
● Bi-directional mechanical seaming equipment
● Proprietary shoulder fastener, co-developed with Atlas Bolt & Screw, to prevent over-driving
● Nominal R-8 per inch of insulation thickness; R-20 for 2.5-inch panel


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posted: 6/16/2016