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Installation Kit Improves Indoor Air Quality in HVAC Systems - Steril-Aire Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Steril-Aire Inc.
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Steril-Aire’s New Rapid Install Kit brings ease of installation to the company’s line of high-performance UVC to improve indoor air quality in HVAC systems. The New Rapid Install Kit (RIK) is packaged at the factory with all the necessary components, pre-wired for faster, simpler installation and replacement.

Sturdy brackets and adjustable columns install in AHU’s with coil plenums up to 180 inches in height. RIK utilizes Steril-Aire Enhanced Single Ended Emitters with moisture-resistant IP67-compliant connectors, to minimize the potential of water damage over time. Emitter cables plug in to the power supply enclosure. Each enclosure is pre-wired and mounted. Any configuration of the RIK requires only one single external electrical connection. Installation cost and HVAC downtime are thus reduced significantly.

The kits include pre-wired power supplies installed inside metal enclosures (up to two per box) installed on adjustable vertical columns. Columns also have clips to hold the Emitters. Configuration flexibility is provided, with the ability to use Enhanced SE Emitter lamp lengths of 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 50” and 61” to achieve optimum coil coverage. The system is ideal for installations with space constraints. The length of Emitter chosen dictates the width of coverage. If an air handler coil is wider than 61”, more than one RIK can be deployed, and the lamps can be overlapped. For example, if an AHU is 92” wide, two RIKs with 50” Emitters can overlap, simplifying replacement orders later.

According to third party studies available from Steril-Aire, the company’s Emitters (lamps) generate the highest sustained output over time compared to any UVC for HVAC lamp in the industry. The higher output of Steril-Aire Emitters results in lower first cost to achieve performance goals.

Steril-Aire UVC installations in HVAC improve air quality (IAQ) while increasing chiller efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and saving energy. Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation continuously cleans coils and drain pans, destroying harmful biofilm. This biologically active matrix degrades equipment performance and serves as a breeding ground for mold and bacteria that enter the air stream to cause allergies and disease. Steril-Aire Emitters deliver sustained germicidal action, eliminating biolfilm continuously over their 9,000-hour service life.


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posted: 1/26/2016