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Improved Flexibility, Efficiency Highlight Tankless Water Heater System - Noritz America - Facility Management Product Release

Improved Flexibility, Efficiency Highlight Tankless Water Heater System: Noritz America

Noritz America
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The new commercial water heater system from Noritz America is designed to speed and simplify the installation of multiple tankless water heaters. Noritz combines commercial-grade tankless units with system controllers, manifolds and other necessary components and accessories into fully assembled metal rack systems for shipment anywhere in North America. The prefabricated system significantly reduces the burden on the installer, who needs only to connect the water and gas lines, build the vent runs and set up the pre-wired system controller.

“Our goal is to reduce installation time and expense while maximizing safety, performance and reliability when building multi-unit tankless systems from scratch — either in the shop or on the job site,” says James Facer, National Accounts Manager-Commercial at Noritz. “With our new prefabricated system, which integrates the only commercial-grade tankless water heaters on the market, we want to bring installation as close to ‘plug-and-play’ as possible for the contractor.”

Multiple racking options: Thirty-six different rack models are available, all specifically designed for the commercial Energy Star-certified NCC199 (GQ-C3257WZ US) Condensing Tankless Water Heater Series. With a thermal efficiency of 94% DV (95% OD), this model offers inputs from 16,000 Btu/hour to 199,900 Btu/h and a maximum flow rate up to 11.1 gallons per minute.

The NCC199 also features heavy-duty Type K copper and stainless steel heat exchangers, which provide corrosion resistance and are specially engineered to withstand the rigors of commercial applications.

Rack systems: Intended for installation on flat rooftops or mechanical rooms in commercial buildings, the new racking systems are available in two configurations:

● Wall-mount (8 SKUs) can accommodate either two or three Noritz tankless water heaters mounted in-line, using either natural gas or LP as the fuel source.

● Floor-mount (28 SKUs) can handle from two to six tankless models, including both in-line and back-to-back positioning; e.g., three in front and three in back.

Other key features include:

● corrosion-resistant aluminum construction to withstand extreme environments, including outdoor rooftop installations;

● accurate, customized pre-sizing of gas and water supply lines to save installation time and ensure top performance;

● factory installation of remote controller and system controller for monitoring up to six units.

● engineered for flexible transport on the job site; systems fit easily through standard-sized commercial doorways.

The power of modularity: The basic building block of a Noritz quick-connect modular system is a single, self-contained and interchangeable NCC199 tankless water heater that can be combined with — and communicate with — other NCC199s to meet any hot-water demand in a commercial application. Each bank of six water heating units is pre-wired with a system controller to handle those six, however, unlimited banks of six units can be used to provide an unlimited quantity of water.

Working in unison to meet demand in the most efficient manner possible enables the tankless units to maximize both energy savings and system longevity. In a quick-connect setup, the commercial tankless heaters will communicate with one another to share the load and the wear-and-tear evenly, with the primary unit rotating every eight hours of run time.

“Combining commercial tankless heaters not only increases output to meet the demands of very large applications, but this modularity also extends the life of each unit,” Facer says.

To obtain its 95-percent efficiency level, the NCC199 uses a secondary, stainless steel heat exchanger to capture residual heat from the unit’s exhaust to preheat incoming water before it enters the main copper heat exchanger. This condensing process lowers the temperature of the flue gases, permitting an additional, cost-savings benefit: vent runs made with less expensive, installer-friendly PVC/CPVC piping, rather than the stainless steel venting required by standard efficiency water heaters and boilers.

“Our new prefabricated systems are another innovation supporting the Noritz commercial advantage, which combines product, services and solutions to help facilities operate safely and efficiently, maximize asset life, reduce the risk of failure, and generate a return on the end user’s energy-efficiency investment.”


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posted: 9/1/2016