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High-efficiency toilet - ZURN - Facility Management Product Release

High-efficiency toilet: ZURN

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The EcoVantage High Efficiency Toilet (HETC) Systems 1.1 gpf diaphragm kit for flush valve toilets is designed to maximize water savings. LEED v4 sets the baseline water savings for a building at 20 percent. By utilizing the Zurn 1.1 gpf toilet system, 31 percent water savings can be realized over a conventional 1.6 gpf closet system.

The Zurn HETC system pairs two Zurn technologies: the Zurn EZCarry High Performance Carrier System and the Zurn EcoVantage 1.1 gpf diaphragm Wall Bowl System. The Zurn EZCarry carrier has a hydraulically-optimized design — from water supply to waste line — that greatly reduces the chance of clogging, even for low-flow 1.1 gpf systems (a common concern in the commercial sector until now). Third-party-verified testing conducted in 2014 by Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) revealed the Zurn HETC system evacuates waste more than twice as far as industry-standard 1.28 gpf systems.

The 1.1 gpf diaphragm kit is part of the Zurn Go Blue family of kits that last 8-10 times longer than traditional black rubber diaphragms.


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posted: 11/28/2017