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Heating/Cooling Software: Flomerics

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Flomerics’ Version 7 Flovent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for simulating heating and cooling in buildings uses a 3D surface for the design space, enabling engineers to visualize the complete interaction of the design parameters.

Users begin the optimization process by defining design goals in the form of a “cost function.” The cost function may be a single, simple value such as the temperature at a particular point, or a complex linear combination of values including weighting. Flovent automatically creates and runs the required number of simulations to explore the entire design space in the most cost-effective way. The software’s optimization module then generates a “response surface” showing the value of the design goals for all the combinations of variables that were run. The response surface can be viewed through either a 2D or 3D chart.

The ability to visualize the entire design envelope and the response surface improves design insight and intuition, according to the company. Common real-world applications of the process include: optimizing the placement of air handling equipment such as diffusers and louvers; optimizing cooling in data centers and IT rooms; or optimizing glazing or building fabric.


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posted: 7/16/2007