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Hand Dryer Protrudes Four Inches From Wall - Excel Dryer - Facility Management Product Release

Hand Dryer Protrudes Four Inches From Wall: Excel Dryer

Excel Dryer
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ThinAir touch-free hand dryer protrudes no more than four inches from the wall. ThinAir operates on 960 watts, and dryers can be ordered in 110 to 240 volts in 60 Hz or 50 Hz for distribution worldwide. The dryer features adjustable speed and sound control, on/off heat, an antimicrobial ABS cover and a washable pre-filter to extend the life of the unit. The speed and sound control can adjust the operational sound level from 75 decibels down to 67 decibels. The on/off heat control brings the wattage down from 960 watts to as low as 333 watts with the heat turned off.


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posted: 4/27/2017