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HVAC Service Keeps Central Cooling System Operating at Optimal Level - Armstrong Fluid Technologies - Facility Management Product Release

Armstrong Fluid Technologies
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Eco*Pulse combines industry-leading diagnostic technology with expert review to help keep central cooling systems operating at optimal performance. Eco*Pulse will be offered as a subscription-based service with Armstrong’s Integrated Plant Controller and OptiVisor products.

The service provides building owners and operators with timely and concise insight and recommendations to keep their cooling system running at an optimal level. Key aspects of the service include: daily notifications that summarize performance, pinpoint possible issues and provide recommended remedies, an intuitive web interface for summary reports, regular review and quarterly reports from the experts at Armstrong that dwell on the ongoing nuances of the customers central cooling system.

Even efficient systems can drift in efficiency and performance by 5% or more without ongoing attention to detail. For large plants this will be thousands of dollars per year in wasted energy and thousands of tons of carbon emissions.

“We expect Eco*Pulse to change, for the better, the way people manage their central cooling systems. Eco*Pulse will be the first of a suite of services from Armstrong to help customers get the most out of their investments in their HVAC system,” said Peter Thomsen, Global Director–Building Systems Group at Armstrong Fluid Technology.

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posted: 11/2/2015