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HVAC Control System - Honeywell Building Solutions - Facility Management Product Release

HVAC Control System: Honeywell Building Solutions

Honeywell Building Solutions
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ComfortPoint is a BACnet®-compliant, Web-enabled control system for HVAC products. The system features a family of BACnet controllers and a simplified interface that give platform for monitoring and managing HVAC equipment from a variety of vendors.

The provides a single view of all system information — temperature, system status, alarms, etc. — and gives users command and control options based on their authorization level. The programming and operating functions also are combined on the interface. For example, the navigation menus and graphics could be used to monitor temperatures throughout a facility and then be expanded to change the sequence of operation in a built-up air handling unit.

The system is accessible through a secure Web connection from any personal computer using Internet Explorer. The system uses the Niagara Framework from Tridium to transform data from the BACnet devices into uniform software components, which enables the devices to communicate with the Web-based interface. For cybersecurity purposes, the system uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocol that protects financial and banking sites.

At the device level, system controllers can come programmed with industry standard HVAC applications that support equipment like variable air volume systems, roof-top units and air-handling units. Users can customize these controllers.

The system is fully compatible with the company’s building automation platform, Enterprise Buildings Integrator.


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posted: 3/2/2007