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Grinder System - SFA Saniflo U.S.A. - Facility Management Product Release

Grinder System: SFA Saniflo U.S.A.

SFA Saniflo U.S.A.
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The Sanicubic 1® is pre-assembled and designed to handle wastewater and sewage streams from multiple plumbing fixtures in new and renovated commercial construction. It features a 1 horsepower motor and a fast-rotating stainless steel blade, minimizing the possibility of clogs by reducing solids into wastewater streams that can be pumped to 36 feet vertically or 328 feet horizontally through a 1-1/2-inch rigid pipe. The motor operates at 3,600 rpm. Effluent enters the pump through any of four adjustable inlets, ranging in diameters of 1-1/2-4 inches. It requires no below-floor drainage piping, as all effluent is pumped upward and horizontally to the sewer line or septic tank.


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posted: 5/29/2013