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Granulated Cap Sheet Portfolio Improves Energy Efficiency for Roofs - Johns Manville - Facility Management Product Release

Granulated Cap Sheet Portfolio Improves Energy Efficiency for Roofs: Johns Manville

Johns Manville
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Johns Manville, a leading commercial roofing supplier, releases its Cool Roof Granulated (CR G) cap sheet portfolio in April 2015. The new CR G cap sheets combine the installation ease of a standard granulated cap sheet with the energy efficient benefits that come from a highly reflective and emissive surface. This addition is the most cost effective cool roof product option from JM for modified bitumen systems to date.

CR G cap sheets are surfaced with bright-white, highly-reflective granules that are both durable and energy efficient. The granules mitigate solar heat and provide additional comfort to the interiors of the buildings it protects. In addition to the new membranes, 5-gallon containers of cool roof granules also have been added to the product offering and are packaged to dress up bleed-out at seams when desired for a superior finished roof surface. Johns Manville’s CR G portfolio offers the same high quality customers have come to expect from other Johns Manville products. The new cap sheet series offers:

Longevity: The CR G cap sheet series offers superior stain resistance with the added aesthetic benefits of a granulated surface.

Ease of Installation and Repair:CR G cap sheets can be installed just like a conventional granule cap sheet with cold application adhesive, hot asphalt and heat-weld methods. The cool roof granules are applied the same as traditional granules to bleed-out and for repair.

Energy Savings: Reflective surfaces such as the CR G cap sheets can help mitigate heat transferred into buildings during hot summer months and the Urban Heat Island effect.

Code approvals: CR G products have UL and FM approvals and are listed with the CRRC.


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posted: 2/24/2016