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Gas Monitoring Detectors - Gamewell-FCI - Facility Management Product Release

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The Vulcain-Commercial Series of gas monitoring devices for parking structures, mechanical-type rooms and occupied living spaces can operate as either stand-alone units or be networked to an installed base of fire alarms or building control systems.

The company's Vulcain-Commercial Series includes detectors designed to monitor for deadly refrigerants and explosive gases. Rooms containing boilers, chillers, electrical systems, fuel storage, as well as metering and communications closets, all present potential to leak hazardous gases, creating a critical need for these specialized gas monitoring devices.

Other offerings consist of gas monitoring devices for enclosed parking structures and garages. These detectors can be installed to activate ventilation fans when common vehicle emissions such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide reach hazardous levels. Controlled fan run-time and temperature stabilization can lead to large reductions in maintenance and energy costs.


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posted: 4/16/2007