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Flexible Dry Sprinkler Provides Freeze Protection - Victaulic - Facility Management Product Release

Flexible Dry Sprinkler Provides Freeze Protection: Victaulic

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Victaulic has entered a new category of dry sprinkler with the VicFlex VS1, a flexible dry sprinkler combining VicFlex flexible fittings technology with traditional Victaulic dry sprinkler technology to provide revolutionary freeze protection.

“The entire length of the assembly encompasses the VicFlex Dry Sprinkler,” said Tom Savage, global product manager for fire suppression systems at Victaulic. “This is important because NFPA 13 requires a specific dry sprinkler length depending on the external and internal temperatures of the application. With the new VicFlex Dry Sprinkler technology it is easy to ensure that the installation meets and/or exceeds the required exposed sprinkler length.”

“What makes this product so unique is that unlike traditional rigid dry sprinklers, the VicFlex Dry Sprinkler can bend for accurate and easy installation, keeping the water safely back in the heated space. Especially over the past few years, we have seen a number of instances of freeze-ups associated with dry sprinklers,” said Savage.

Common applications for the VicFlex Dry Sprinkler include multi-family residential apartments and condos, balconies and breezeways of any commercial or residential buildings, parking garages with finished ceilings and assisted living facilities.

The VicFlex Dry Sprinkler is available as a K5.6 commercial dry sprinkler in both sidewall and pendent orientations, including a flat-plate concealed version. For convenience, all styles are available in either 38-, 50-, or 58-inch lengths.


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posted: 10/28/2016