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First Press Fitting Technology for Black Iron Pipe Introduced - Viega LLC - Facility Management Product Release

First Press Fitting Technology for Black Iron Pipe Introduced: Viega LLC

Viega LLC
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With building owners focused on project cost, timelines, quality and sustainability, specifying engineers are relying on modern technologies to better address these needs, while also satisfying design requirements and minimizing downtime. After introducing the first copper press technology to the United States 16 years ago, Viega, the global leader in press pipe fitting technology has replicated its proprietary equipment with the first press fitting technology for black iron pipe.

The Viega MegaPress system is ideal for hydronic heat, chilled water, compressed air, fire sprinkler systems, low-pressure steam and vacuum lines and is ASME B31 compliant for pressure and boiler piping. The Viega MegaPressG system is the only press solution available for natural gas and fuel oil applications. Both are also certified for fire protection applications, eliminating the need for burn permits and making it a cleaner and safer application option.

The Viega Megapress and MegapressG systems maintain the structural integrity of the pipe and delivers similar benefits of the company’s ProPress system (copper press). Saving time and money by nearly 60 percent compared to traditional methods, engineers are able to streamline tasks and keep jobs on track, enabling installation under flow conditions, eliminating costly downtime, plant shutdowns and associated expenses.

Ideal for new builds and retrofit projects in industrial, commercial and residential applications, the Viega MegaPress and MegaPressG systems are easy to use, flameless, environmentally friendly, and efficient under tight project deadlines. Reducing installation time by nearly 90 percent, the system can make secure water and air-tight connections in under seven seconds using compact pressing tools, alleviating the need for expensive and cumbersome equipment including welding tanks and threading machines. Pressing ensures consistent connections for every joint and is cleaner and faster than alternative technologies, reducing labor costs for the building owner.

Both systems are designed with Viega’s patented Smart Connect feature to quickly and easily detect missed connections, minimizing leaks, improving confidence and speeding up the commissioning process. Furthermore, unlike with the use of traditional equipment, the Viega MegaPress and MegaPressG delivers a clean and finished professional appearance with no joining material build up, exposed threads or tarnish.

Viega Mega Press and MegaPressG are configured to operate with ASTM Schedule 5 to Schedule 40 black iron pipe and include over 200 fittings ranging from ½-2 inches in size. The systems are also designed to exceed the most stringent testing codes and standards in North America.


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posted: 2/9/2016