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Firestop Discs Install Quickly and Easily - Hilti - Facility Management Product Release

Firestop Discs Install Quickly and Easily: Hilti

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With Hilti Firestop cable disc CFS-D1", installing firestop around cable bundles is easier and more cost effective. The Hilti Firestop cable disc accommodates cable bundles up to 1 inch in diameter in regular and irregular openings. The pre-formed firestop solution features a highly adhesive back and collar-type design that can be surface mounted in 10 seconds or less, without the use of additional tools, backfill or sealant. And, the discs can be installed across a broad range of base materials, including drywall, concrete and wood. 

The Hilti Firestop cable disc is suitable for sealing through penetrations for low-voltage cables, mid-voltage cables and low voltage bundles. It also can accommodate metal pipes and conduits up to 3/4-inches in diameter.

The Hilti Firestop cable discs come packaged with 32 pieces per box and have a shelf life of up to 24 months. 


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posted: 10/27/2016