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Fire Control Panel - Kidde Fire Systems - Facility Management Product Release

Fire Control Panel: Kidde Fire Systems

Kidde Fire Systems
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Aegis Conventional Single Hazard Agent Release Control Panel is a suppression control panel that is aimed at small-to mid-sized special-hazard environments, including server rooms, process control rooms, data processing areas, cabinets, turbines, warehouses and industrial space.

The new panel can be used to control the company's full line of suppression systems, including wet and dry chemicals sprinklers, deluge/pre-action suppressants, foam and foam/water systems. Input and output options include: Three detection circuits, two supervisory circuits, a manual release circuit, an abort input circuit, three notification appliance circuits, and two release circuits.

Independently programmable agent-releasing circuits provides dual-suppression system capability, and the agent-releasing circuits feature triple redundancy protection to guard against electrical spikes.


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posted: 8/13/2007