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Fire Alarms - Notifier by Honeywell - Facility Management Product Release

Fire Alarms: Notifier by Honeywell

Notifier by Honeywell
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Onyx FirstVision is a wayfinding navigational tool for firefighters and other emergency responders that allows incident commanders to focus on critical information necessary for making fast, effective and well-informed decisions. The product is a PC-based touch screen that graphically displays critical information on the origin and spread of a fire, allowing firefighters to quickly locate and extinguish the fire.

Emergency responders can immediately gather the information needed to pinpoint the source of the fire and the rate at which it’s spreading, and the program features an interactive display summarizing building floor plans, with the location of all fire alarm devices, water supplies, evacuation routes, access routes, fire barriers, gas, power and HVAC shutoffs, as well as chemical and structural hazards in the building.


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posted: 6/25/2007