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Emergency Messaging Unit - SimplexGrinnell - Facility Management Product Release

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The Simplex TrueAlert text messaging appliance, an electronic reader board with a two-line LED display for text messages can be used to notify people of an emergency and instruct them what to do. Powered and controlled through a Simplex fire-alarm panel, the TrueAlert text-messaging appliance enhances emergency communications in places where high ambient noise levels or poor acoustic conditions might compromise the effectiveness of voice communications. The visual text-messaging device also can be useful in providing emergency notification to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The TrueAlert visual display unit connects to a Simplex fire panel and can be mounted to a wall or suspended from the ceiling. Pre-programmed emergency messages are stored in the display panel's memory and activated in an emergency through an interface to the fire-control panel. The text messages, similar to audio messages delivered through a voice-evacuation system, are intended to supplement other audible and strobe-type notification devices.


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posted: 10/12/2006