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Elevator Software: thyssenkrupp

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The AGILE family of enhancers transform elevators into a seamless mobility ecosystem. Sold individually or as part of a package, AGILE includes DestinationControls, Security Access, Management Center as well as Design Center.

DestinationControls shortens ride times with fewer stops and less congestion. With DestinationControls, building managers can now dedicate elevators to specific high-traffic areas as user demand changes while also saving on energy during periods of low demand.

Design Center allows building managers to add color and branding to their elevator touchscreens or kiosks, all easily accessible via a PC or handheld device. Users can post permanent or temporary messages, upload their own images and personalize the number pad with custom labels, buttons and colors. Energy-saving adjustments are also standard, including display brightness and sleep mode time-out.

Remote Data Management enables users to optimize equipment performance and adapt to changing needs from anywhere in the building. This can include surveying traffic, disabling and enabling operation, and viewing status and access to certain floors for a specified time.

Security Access can function independently or integrate with an existing security system. Various security access levels can be set with the system while also allowing building managers to control security on turnstiles and elevators based on tenant profiles.


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posted: 3/12/2018