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Electronic Faucet Series Designed for High-Traffic Restrooms - Chicago Faucets - Facility Management Product Release

Electronic Faucet Series Designed for High-Traffic Restrooms: Chicago Faucets

Chicago Faucets
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The EQ Series of electronic faucets is designed for easy installation, maintenance and operation, and is perfectly suited for the most demanding public restrooms.

“We are proud to bring this unique, versatile faucet to the commercial marketplace. We’re constantly talking to people about what they like – or don’t like – about electronic faucets. In the course of our researches, we uncovered the need for an electronic faucet that installs easy, operates reliably, and is tough and smart enough to adapt to varying usage in demanding public installations,” says Ronn Jefferson, product manager for Chicago Faucets. “We built EQ in answer to that need, with heavy-duty cast brass spouts, high-quality electronic components and lots of installer-friendly features. EQ is up and running in minutes, one of the most frequently demanded improvements.”

The solenoid, power module and mixing valve of the EQ Series are assembled into a compact control box that fits under the sink and installs with just two screws; stainless steel hose and electronics cable are pre-installed for simple plug-and-play installation; and EQ has built-in intelligence for superior user detection.

EQ learns over time and adjusts for dependable performance and water savings. EQ’s superior user detection means EQ turns on when needed and shuts off immediately when hands are removed — no run-ons or ghost activations. With EQ installed, facilities can reduce water usage by as much as 77 percent.

The EQ Series dual supply models are available with a mechanical or thermostatic mixing valve, or a user adjustable temperature control. Single supply models are also available for use with tempered water. Power options include battery, AC plug-in or hard-wired, and Self-Sustaining Power System (SSPS). Three different spout designs are available — curved, angular or high arc — in chrome or brushed nickel finishes.


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posted: 9/17/2015