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Eco-Friendly Tile Roofing System - Polyfoam Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Eco-Friendly Tile Roofing System: Polyfoam Corp.

Polyfoam Corp.
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The Ecoset tile roofing system for steep slope roofing is specifically designed for California's Title 24 mandate and other building codes that are beginning to implement energy-efficient guidelines for the construction industry.

The Ecoset system consists of a waterproofing underlayment, a layer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation adhered by ribbons of a two-component polyurethane free-rise adhesive and an approved roofing tile adhered to the insulation by individual paddies of Polyfoam's adhesive. The R-value of the five-part Ecoset system is 10.68. Testing shows that the Ecoset system reduces peak heat flow through the roof deck by approximately 80 percent versus a dark heat-absorbing shingle in the summer, according to the company. Ecoset also limits nighttime heat loss in the winter by nearly 70 percent compared to direct-nailed shingle roofs.


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posted: 5/3/2007