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Ductless Systems Offer Options for Single-Zone and Commercial Buildings - Trane - Facility Management Product Release

Ductless Systems Offer Options for Single-Zone and Commercial Buildings: Trane

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Trane is expanding the ProSpace ductless systems portfolio to include six new systems. The portfolio additions address customer demands for ductless products and services that are efficient, reliable and can be applied to both single and multi-zone applications.

“We are excited to bring building owners new options to meet their business and building goals,” says Jerad Adams, leader of the ductless portfolio at Trane. “Building owners need ductless systems that have a variety of control options and features. The growing portfolio of Trane ductless products gives our customers access to the most comprehensive equipment and control offerings in the industry that best meet their building application needs.”

ProSpace ductless systems provide precise temperature control due to the portfolio’s capability for zone level control, centralized level control and building level control. Built on a platform that supports BACnet open standards, customers can integrate existing building systems with Trane ductless systems.

The expanded portfolio includes:

ProSpace multi-zone ductless systems deliver high-efficiency, room-specific temperature control for spaces ranging from fewer than five zones to as large as an entire building. Multiple design strategies make individualized comfort, installation versatility and operating-cost savings possible.

ProSpace single-zone ductless systems offer exceptional efficiency for smaller spaces. Matching one outdoor condensing unit with one indoor fan coil unit provides simpler, faster, lower-cost installations — and economical temperature control — to small buildings.

ProSpace Circular Cassette indoor units have a unique 360-degree Circular Airwave design that eliminates drafts and uneven temperatures throughout a single space. Unimpeded airflow allows the space to be cooled up to 25 percent faster than with a 4-way cassette system.

ProSpace 4TVM Convertible Air Handlers offer built-in installation flexibility, making them the ideal air handling unit solution for any building space with a ductless system. This convertible air handler delivers the precise capacity to match load requirements for spaces that include micro apartments, condos, vertical high rises and hotel rooms.

ProSpace PTAC quiet comfort system delivers air comfort and quality to the hospitality industry. The system features humidity control for individual air-quality management, wireless thermostat and remote control capabilities.

ProSpace VRF delivers comfort, precise temperature control and quiet operation, which are keys to a pleasant interior environment. ProSpace VRF ductless systems are available in a broad choice of tonnage capacities in either smaller mini or larger modular units, and in either heat pump or heat recovery configurations. Additions to the portfolio include new indoor circular air handlers and floor console units.


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posted: 8/23/2016